Fancy Colors Daphne
D.O.B.  04/02/13
LA n/a

ss: Mountaindale North Star
Mountaindale Cinder's King Midas
sd: Mountaindale Gold Cinderella

ds:  BTA Hershel
D:  4D's Dakota J (pictured below)
dd: CH 4D's Jaclynn

CAE, CL -- Neg 2/24/14
1st leg:    
2nd leg:
3rd leg:

Our little Daphne has followed along in the hoofprints of her
ancestors.  She strongly resembles the correctness of feet and
legs, smoothness of blending and openess of her dam, while
very long, tall, wide and uphill like her sire.  Both sides have
very nice mammaries, so I believe Daphne will be just has
strong as her full-sister Divinity.  

She's only been to a few shows as a junior kid, but has always
been in the top three, making the final line-up all but once.  
I'm sure she will be around for a long time to come, as will her
2013: OPEN
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