Cricket's Kids Ima Tiger Tai 2
D.O.B.  03/14/07

++*B SG Copper Hill Tiger Tracks
+B SG Pheonix Pharm Tiger's Tai (90 VEE)
SG Six M Galaxy Montana

Willow Run Thetis Tome'
Willow Run Tome' Elvira
Willow Run Enferno Elzbeth 7*M

CAE, CL -- Neg 2/15/13
1st leg:
2nd leg:
3rd leg:

According to Cricket's Kids website Tiger was shown in 2007 and
was 3 x 1st.  He excels in sharpness and dairy character, very
wide throughout.  We hope that he will continue in the footsteps
of his sire and some many others outstanding animals in his
pedigree.  He has the well know, 4 time national champion,
Sonacare Gabriel on both paternal and maternal sides.  We
have two of Tiger's daughters who easily earned their first legs,
one as a jr. kid, the other as a dry yearling.  They are beautiful
and I expect will excel as milking does.  Watch out of more
outstanding daughters from this guy.  We are so thrilled to
have him as part of our breeding program.  
Tiger's Dam
pictured here as a
two-year old first

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