Our History

Like most we began our dairy goat adventure as 4-H projects back in 1990.  With my
two sons, Sam and Justin taking market goat projects and my daughter Jessica, with our
very first dairy goat named The Fancy Colors Sweet Phyllis.  Phyllis was a Little Shepherd
x Simple Life bred doe.  We like that style and have stuck with that foundation in a lot of
our goats.  We have also out crossed and brought in lines from many well know herds,
with national champions, high LA scores and sound DHI records.

While I have been involved with all sorts of livestock for my entire life, particularly with
training and showing horses and dogs; and involved with 4-H as either a member or
advisor since 1966, I still feel very new to raising dairy goats.  I learn from these
wonderful creatures everyday.  I'm always striving everyday to learn more, and do more
to promote the benefits of owning dairy goats, especially my beloved breed -- nubians!

I can't begin to thank all of those who have helped us along the way, and all those
we've met, shared our interest with, and learned from over the years.  THANK YOU ALL.  
Each of you know, who you are and what part you've played in helping us advance in
this adventure.  Thank you especially to my own family and my "goat" family.  

While my children aren't involved directly anymore they have thankfully shared their love
for the farm with their children and my growing family of grandchildren come to visit
often and adore helping with the goats.  Looks like Fancy Colors Nubians and NOW
Lamanchas,  may be around for a long time!  

We want to share with you just a fraction of who  some of the folks are that have
helped us along the way so when you visit our
favorite links and our results pages you
can meet them too.

Don't be shy, please ask us if there is something you'd like to know more about us.  
We'll be happy to share with you our experiences, some of our worst experiences have
taught us the most about becoming more successful, you just have to find the positive in
everything you experience.

Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about ourselves with you.
About Us