4D's Amy Fay
D.O.B.  02/25/07
LA 89 VVEE  9/13

ss: Little Shepherd Meadow Sunrise
S:  4D's Boy Sue
sd: CH 4DS Little Susie

ds:  Tom De Jon Acres LB Amigo
D:  4D's Blazing Amy
dd: 4DS Corian

CAE, CL -- Neg 2/24/14
1st leg:    
2nd leg:
3rd leg:

Amy Fay is a doe we are looking forward to using in our breeding
program.  She is slightly smaller in stature than the larger framed
does we are seeing in the show ring today, but she is well balanced
in all categories on the scorecard.  Her twin doe kids were extremely
hard to beat in the show ring as Intermediate Kids in 2011.  Each
sharing the "glory" equally with the class win, although Elza did earn
her dry leg, and was 1st place yearling milker many times including
in the District IV INBA Nubian Specialty.  I look forward to both these
daughters exceeding these expectations as they mature.  We
repeated that breeding to TKO for 2012 kids, and had triplets.  2
more daughters and a buck kid.  We were happy to see one of these
kids go to Russia to become a foundation doe there.  We selfishly
retained the other doe and left her a dry yearling.   With so many
yearlings she is one that we just didn't get around to showing.  Amy
also gave us another set of beautiful doe kids in 2013, that we look
forward to retaining in our breeding program.
F/C Amy May
2013:  Bred to Canoe Creek Shammy
see planned breeding page for price and availability
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