Fancy Colors Amy May
D.O.B.  03-23-11
LA 87 VVEV 9/13

ss: *B Kastdemur's Beauxdacious
S:  *B Kastdemur's Total Knock
sd: GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila 1*M
(2005 ADGA Nat'l GCH)

ds:  4D's Boy Sue
D:  4D's Amy Fay
dd: 4D's Blazing Amy

CAE, CL -- Neg 2/24/14
1st leg:    
2nd leg:
3rd leg:

Lifetime Shown:  9x's
1st -- 6x's
RGCH -- 2x

Amy May is a gorgeous doe that we look forward to watching her
future.  She's had limited showing each year and has always done
well in her age division.  She was 2nd to the GCH at the 2011 Ohio
State Fair and has stood 2nd to her littermate sister two times.  She
was part of the 1st place dairy herd at the 2011 Ohio State Fair as

We didn't breed Amy May in 2011 and only showed her once in 2012
where she was RGCH.

2013 -- We took Amy May to several shows where she always did
well.  She was RGCH at the Ohio State Fair in the Youth Show, and
made the final line up in all put her first show of the season.  She
was third place in the ODGA Futurity.  These pictures were taken very
late in the season just before we started drying off our herd, but still
give you an idea of what Amy May adds to our breeding program.  
Our LA session was also late in the year, but you can see Amy May is
a well balanced doe in all areas.
2013:  Bred to Mountaindale Cinder's King Midas
see planned breeding page for price and availability
As always we encourage you to visit the ADGA genetics
website to learn more about our herd's genetics