Hoanbu ATL Atiana Avani
D.O.B.  03-05-10
LA YSA: 0-03 V (VVV)
9-13 91 EEEE

ss: *B Wingwood Farm Real Tactitian
S: *B Wingwood Farm Finding Atlantis
ds: SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim Aminance 1*M

ds:  +*B SGCH Likeshore Farms Star Status
D:  GCH Hoanbu Status Anhelena Atiana 5*M
dd:  Hoanbu Silver Angel Anhelena 4*M

CAE, CL -- Neg 2/24/14
1st leg:  
2nd leg:
3rd leg:

I bought Avani form Hoanbu sight unseen, but I love her dam and
dam line.  Of course, I guess I should, since I may have to take the
blame for this line being American.  They go back to a buck I owned
that Holly liked enough to use, despite his "status".  That buck
would be Little Shepherd SC Silver.  I got all my best doe kids and
udders from Silver and crossing her daughters with those of Little
Shepherd Sitting Bull.   

We purchased Avani in early June but weren't able to get her until
much later due to some health issues.  Avani had a rough yearling
year, but she's bounced back very well and we look forward to her
show career in the future.  She is a very long, tall, angular doe with a
very well attached mammary.  As you can see from her LA scores
she puts together all the categories.

Thank you Holly for sharing her with us.  Hope she makes us both
2013:  Bred to Canoe Creek Shamrock
see planned breeding page for price and availability
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