Fancy Colors American Beauty
D.O.B.  04-14-10
LA 90 VEEE  9/13

ss:  *B Willow Run Revelation Brennan
S: Fancy Colors BW3
sd:  Willow Run Valmont Dreamsickle

ds:  Little Shepherd RG Able
D:  Little Shepherd DA Taylor
dd:  4D's Li'l Deb

CAE, CL -- Neg 2/24/14
1st leg: 9/2012 Highland Co. Fair - Juli Huffman
2nd leg: 9/21/13 Delaware C. Fair -- Tom Rucker
3rd leg:

Lifetime:    1st -- 8x's   2nd -- 2x's           No. times shown:  12
RGCH 4x's
GCH 2x's
BUOB  1x
BOB 2x

DHIR        DIM            % Fat  % Protein

Beauty is just as her name says a real beauty. She's so black it's hard to
get good pictures that really shows her off.  She's done very well as a
young doe and made the final line-up several times.  She got her first
leg as a two-year old at the last show of the season, but she came back
for a strong three year old year.

2013:  As predicted Beauty did have a strong three year old year.  We
only made it to a couple of shows with her because of our family
schedule, but she did well.  She was 1st in her class at Ohio State Fair,
and 2nd udder of Breed (over the 2013 ADGA National RGCH).  She has
won her class in the two other shows she competed in, going RGCH in
one show and GCH and BDIS at her last show of the season.  If we'd
have only had more time to show this girls this year I'm sure she would
have been a finished doe, but since we don't show finished does, we're
glad to have her to show in 2014!
2013:  Bred to Canoe Creek
see planned breeding page for price and availability
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