4D's Dakota J
D.O.B.  03/02/06
LA  90 VEEE  9/13

ss: Chevy Acres St. Marteen
S: BTA Hershel
sd: Milton Hershey TFSF Rollo 2*M

ds:  4DS B. B. J. Berry
D:  CH 4D's Jaclynn
dd: CH 4DS Gypsy Queen

CAE & CL Neg 2/24/14
1st leg:   07/19/13 - OSF - Jean Lucas.  30 in breed
2nd leg:
3rd leg:

Dakota is a lovely doe that we enjoy showing, and look forward
to showing more in the future.  She's slightly smaller in stature
than the bigger nubians we are seeing in the show ring
currently, but she is certainly a very correct doe with a lovely

2012 -- Dakota had a good show season, making the final
line-up almost everytime.  Her herdmates just happened to
have a better year, but with four of them finishing this year
maybe she'll get her chance in 2013.  Dakota was 1st place
aged doe and part of the 1st place dairy herd at the District IV
INBA Nubian Speciality.

2013 -- Dakota made the final line-up everytime shown.  But
was usually RGCH to slightly younger does with larger frame.  
It's okay though her two year old, yearling milking daughter
and intermediate kid daughter are making that final line-up
with her everytime as well.  A doe like Dakota can stay in my
herd anytime.  Not to mention she is my granddaughter,
Natalia's showmanship doe.
2013:  Bred to CH Mountaindale Cinder King Midas
see planned breeding page for price and availability
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