Little Shepherd Mercedes
D.O.B.  4-09-03

ss: Simple Life Farm Lucke Buc
S:  4D's Roy Boy
sd: CH 4D's Gypsy Queen

ds:  Little Shepherd Possum Brown
D:  Little Shepherd Ember
dd: Cystral Rock Silver Ash
1st leg:    
2nd leg:
3rd leg:

Mercedes has been a really consistent doe for us.  She milks
very well, although this picture was taken very late in her
lactation and does not reflect what a beautiful udder she has,
you couldn't ask for better udder texture.  She has one teat
that slightly curves, but certainly not a big fault.  She has
consistently stood in the top three in her class in the show
ring, and if we'd not have had a bout with laminitis in her
front hooves she would have finished this year, as she always
stood ahead of her 1/2 sister Babe.  We have hopes to get
her back into the show ring for that final leg, as she better
with constant hoof care.
2008:  Bred to Fancy Colors BW3
see planned breeding page for price and availability
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