Fancy Colors TKO Dakota Queen
D.O.B.  03/23/11
LA 86 V+VV  9/13

ss: *B Kastdemur's Beauxdacious
S:  *B Kastdemur's Total Knock Out
sd: GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila 1*M
(2005 ADGA Nat'l GCH)

ds:  BTA Hershel
D:  4D's Dakota J
dd: CH 4D's Jaclynn

CAE, CL -- Neg 2/24/14
1st leg:    
2nd leg:
3rd leg:

Lifetime shown:  3x's
1st -- 1x

Queen was named after her maternal  great granddam 4D's Gypsy Queen
because I think she most closely resembles her, although she looks a lot
like her granddam Jaci as well.   She's slightly smaller than her
herdmates, Amy May and Elza Faye, but she's just as competitive always
standing just behind or in front of them as dry stock.

As a milking doe in 2013 Queen was only shown four times.  At the
beginning of the year she wasn't ready but made an appearance at the
ODGA show for the futurity, standing fourth behind Amy May.   Queen
didn't make another appearance in the ring until the end of the year and
she made the final line-up in all three shows.  

I really look forward to her maturing more and watching her continue to
improve in all areas.
2013:  Bred to Canoe Creek Shamrock
see planned breeding page for price and availability
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